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Three-Word Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verb

Smile Meaning Smile

 catch up on

to finally find someone who has been doing something illegal and punish them (จับผู้ทำความผิดมาลงโทษ)

 come down with

to become ill with something infectious, especially something that is not serious (เป็นไข้, ติดเชื้อที่ไม่รุนแรง)

 come up with

to think of an idea, plan, reply, etc. to produce (คิด, ผลิต)

 cut down on

to reduce the amount of something that you eat, buy, use, etc. (ลด)

 drop out of

to withdraw from a group, from a course at university, or from the normal life of society (เลิกกลางคัน)

 feel up to

to touch someone sexually without their permission (ลวนลาม)

get away with

to not be caught or punished for something you have done wrong (หลบหนีการจับกุม/การถูกลงโทษ)

get down to

to finally start doing something that needs a lot of time or energy (เริ่มทำงานหนัก)

get on with

- to make progress or be successful (ประสบความสำเร็จ)

- to work, live, etc. in a friendly way (เข้ากันได้ดี)

- to continue doing something (ทำต่อไป)

get rid of

to have removed, to remove, to free oneself from (กำจัด)

load up on

to put a load of something on or into a vehicle(บรรทุก)

look down on

to think that you are better than someone else, to regard as inferior (ดูถูก)

look forward to

to wait with pleasure for (รอคอย)

make do with

to use something as a poor-quality or temporary alternative to the real thing (ใช้สิ่งอื่นมาทดแทน)

run out of

to have no more (ขาดแคลน)

take care of

to look after someone or something (ดูแล)


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