Project Plan

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Project Plan

Name: Mrs. Panida Namsowan                                       School: Inhwa Girls’ Middle School

Country of Origin : Thailand                                          Submission Date : September 29th, 2017


Project Description

l   Purpose of the project

The purposes of this project are:

           1. To provide the information about the culturally important festivals of Korea

2. To study how a festival reflects to Korean people’s way of life

3. To identify cultural similarities and differences between Korea and Thailand

   in terms of traditional festivals


l   Topic: Korean Traditional Festivals

           A festival is considered as “a carrier of culture” because it reflects life, history, arts, food, color, and joy of a society. I believe that if one wants to understand a nation or a country deeply, that person should get an insight looking into festivals because they can provide a useful link to understand one’s local cultures.

Thus, I myself as a global citizen who have a great opportunity to live and learn new culture in Korea for almost three months, and also during the time of living there comes an important traditional festivals, Choseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day), I would like to study more about this festival and other culturally important festivals of Korea. To get a deeper understanding of Korean culture through festivals, I will compare the similarities and differences of traditional festivals between Korea and Thailand as well.


l   Method:

I will find information about Korean traditional festivals/ holidays from trust-worthy resources such as surfing the internet, reading history and society books, and interviewing people. By reviewing some documents via internet and books I can get comprehensive and historical information of particular Korean festivals. And by interviewing I can get full range and depth information of a person’s impressions or experiences.

Once I have enough information about traditional Korean festivals I will compare with Thai traditional festivals to see the similarities and differences.


l   Format of the final product:

During the time of studying I will record all the information including of document files, images, VDO , and I will show my individual project output through power point presentation.



Project Schedule


Planned work

Week 1

(September 18-22)

Considering of possible topics for project.

Week 2

(September 25-29)

Discussing on interested topic with the mentor teacher and formulating the title of the topic.

Week 3

(October 2-6)

Scoping the sub-topics and staring to find information related to the topic.

Week 4

(October 9-13)

Collecting more information about the topic.

Week 5

(October 16-20)

Constructing the interview questions and interviewing students and teachers.

Week 6

(October 23 - 27)

Concluding the information.

Week 7

(October 30 - November 3)

Comparing the similarities and differences of traditional festivals between Korea and Thailand.

Week 8

(November 6 –10)

APCEIU midterm review.

Week 9

(November 13-17)

Writing a report and creating power point presentation.

Week 10

(November 20-24)

Submitting the individual project report.

Week 11

(November 27 - December 1)

Preparing for presentation.

Week 12

(December 4-6)

Final presentation.






































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