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Biweekly Report (4th)


Name: Mrs. Panida Namsowan                                    School: Inhwa Girls’ Middle School

Country of Origin : Thailand                                       Submission Date : November 17th, 2017





Dates: November 6th~November 17th, 2017

Dates: November 20th~December 1st, 2017

Classroom Activities

    During November 6th-9th I had taught about Thai traditional song and dance. I picked a Thai Ramwong folk song: Ngam Saeng Duen (Beautiful Moonlight) to teach the 1st year students, totally 9 classes. I started the lesson with listening activity to provide the familiarity to the song to the students by playing the song twice and had the students rearrange the song’s lyric as they were listening to. Then, the students practiced singing the song with the teacher and friends. I simplified this stage of teaching by providing the Korean version of the song’s lyric to every students. This can help them to sing the song at ease. Lastly, I played the video presenting about how to dance along this song and let the students practice dancing with me. I noticed that some students were shy to dance individually, so I allowed them to dance in groups and in the whole class together afterwards. I was really impressed their teacher (Mr. Kwon) also joined the class activities. He joyfully sang and danced along with his students and me.

    For the extra-curricular classes, I also delivered the same topic as the regular classes. The students were very cooperative and participated well in class activities; even the way they sang and danced might look quite different from the original Thai traditional dance. Just only they had fun and had a good memory with my lesson; it was such a precious gift for me.

    During November 13th- 15th it was the final examination of the 3rd year students. And, the 1st and 2nd year students were busy keeping up with the class progress, so the school cannot find me cultural class time instead I observed some core subjects teaching by Korean teachers.

    On November 16th the school closed because of the Suneung Examination day.

    On Friday, November 17th I presented the new cultural topic, Thai painting and drawing: Lai Thai, to a class of the 3rd year students. I have planned to deliver this lesson next week for the other 8 classes of the 3rd year students.

   Next two weeks, I will have 13 periods for the regular class and 4 periods for the extracurricular class. The cultural lessons that I wish to deliver for the rest of the program will be (1) Thai painting and drawing: Lai Thai and (2) Travel around Thailand.

    I already finished my lesson report and it’s ready to submit to NEST. I plan to send it next week.

School Activities

    I decorated the art gallery as the Thailand corner exhibition to display about Thai culture and students’ work from the Thai classes at the hallway to the school cafeteria, so all the students and teachers can learn more about Thailand.

   On November 25th I will go for the school field trip to DMZ by DMZ Train with 30 students and 3 teachers. I’m very excited because it is my first field trip with the school since I have been here for almost three months.

Individual Projects

   I have all information to support my individual project plan about Korea traditional festivals. I’m writing the project report and about to submit to NEST.

I will submit my individual project report within November 24th and prepare for the final presentation on December 5th.


- Thanks my lovely mentor teacher for translating Thai song into Korean language, and I really appreciate for everything she has done for me since the first day of deployment to the host school until now.

- My mid-term review presentation went very well. I did my best and felt satisfied with my oral presentation. I had a chance to learn and share about different experiences faced by other exchange teachers, and I will apply some useful ideas in my class for the rest of the program.

- I already sent the outline and the final version of exhibits for the final presentation.

- I would like to express my sincere gratitude to people who have involved in this exchange program, MOE Korea, MOE Thailand, APCEIU UNESCO, Inhwa Girls’Middle School, especially my mentor teacher, Ms. Choi Soo Yeon, etc. for giving me a great experience to learn Korean culture and to share my home country culture. The program truly promotes the international understanding and global citizenship.


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