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Biweekly Report (3rd)


Name: Mrs. Panida Namsowan                                    School: Inhwa Girls’ Middle School

Country of Origin : Thailand                                       Submission Date : November 3rd, 2017





Dates: October 23rd ~November 3rd , 2017

Dates: November 6th~November 17th, 2017

Classroom Activities

    On Monday, October 23rd I had been visited and observed by the APCEIU UNESCO officer (Ms. Park So Hyun) and the supervisor of Incheon Educational Office. I delivered the lesson about the Thai traditional festival: Loy Krathong for the 3rd year students. Before the visitation, I had everything prepared and organized well beforehand such as the lesson plan, PPT, VDO and any other required materials for the lesson. I felt pretty nervous but I tried to keep calm and practiced like the way I was in the regular basis of teaching in every day. The 45 minutes went so fast. Actually I had set three learning outcomes but I can achieve only two of them because of too many provided activities and the time limitation.

    During October 23rd- November 3rd I had taught 9 periods of regular class, 4 periods of extracurricular class, 5 periods of class observation, 2 times of gate duty and 2 times of school cafeteria duty for lunch. The working hours were decreased, totally 22, because there was a school festival on October 27th and the day before, October 26th, was the preparation day for the festival.

    For these two weeks, I had delivered the lesson about Thailand’s Festival of Light: Loy Krathong for my regular classes. I had continually adjusted some activities from time to time until I found the right one that suited the class situations and students. I also distributed the survey form to students and asked them to fill them out after teaching for the lesson report.

    For the extracurricular activity class, the topic was about some useful Thai expressions. First, I introduced myself both in English and Thai (to give students the sample chunks of language). Then, lectured about basic Thai language that would make their life in Bangkok(Thailand) easier, if they have a chance to visit there (to provide the situation). After that, I had the students draw the partner's face on the paper plate and interviewed one another by using the prompt questions shown on the screen. Finally, each one showed her friend’s face and reported to the class using Thai language that they had learnt.

   Next week (November 6th-9th), I will deliver the Thai cultural lesson about Thai traditional song and dance for the 1st year students.  I choose a Thai Ramwong folk song: Ngam Saeng Duen (Beautiful Moonlight) to teach students because its’ lyric is short enough for the students to sing along, the movements of the dance is not too complicated and the rhythm is so beautiful. I guess this cultural lesson will be one of the most impressive lessons for Korean students.

   On November 10th I will go to Seoul to attend the Mid-term Review, so there aren’t any classroom activities on that day.

   During November 13th- 15th There will be the final examination of the 3rd year students. And, the 1st and 2nd year students will be busy keeping up with the established curricular progress, so the school cannot find me cultural class time instead I will assist as the test proctor with the Korean teachers.

   On November 16th the school will close because of the Suneung Examination day.


School Activities

    On October 27th There was the school road festival and I was in charge of running the activities for the “Thailand Corner”. I provided 3 different activities as the following;

1. The Thai folk game: Mon Son Pa (Hiding a cloth behind one’s back

2. The Thai traditional trousers, Chong Kraben, dressing contest

3. The exhibition about Thailand decorated under the theme of “Ngan Wat”, (Temple Fair)

   I haven’t been informed about other school activities at all, so I think there aren’t any special school activities so far.

   As stated in my working planner, I will have two other school working which are gate greeting to greet students and teachers entering the school during 08:10-08:40 a.m. once a week, and school cafeteria duty for lunch to keep discipline at school cafeteria during 12”25-12:45 p. m. once a week as well.

Individual Projects

I’m working on it. I had already interviewed two students and I gained some deep information behind particular Korean festivals. Because of English language difficulty, I had given the students interview questions before interviewing to make them feel more comfortable to talk.

I will categorize all obtained information and compare the similarities and differences of traditional festivals between Thailand and Korea.


Since I prepared too many activities within a period, I sometimes cannot have everything done completely. I should balance the activities with the time allocation and students’ competency. This is the lesson I’ve learnt this week. Don’t over prepare, keep it simple.


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