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Biweekly Report (2nd)


Name: Mrs. Panida Namsowan                                    School: Inhwa Girls’ Middle School

Country of Origin : Thailand                                       Submission Date : October 20th, 2017





Dates: October 2nd~October 20th, 2017

Dates: October 23rd~November 3rd , 2017

Classroom Activities

   October 2nd – 9th Chuseok Holidays

   My full-time teaching has been started.

   During October 10th-20th I delivered the two different lessons with variety of activities for all classes, totally 28 classes. The topics were Introduction to Thailand and Thai Cuisine.

   For the first topic, I applied different activities depending on the students’ capacity and interest. For example, when I taught the 3rd year students, I started the lesson by brainstorming activity to activate their prior background knowledge and to measure how much they know about Thailand. I included Q&A (Question and Answer) session at the end of each sub-topic and summarized the whole lesson together later. For the 2nd year students, I changed the Q&A session to a competitive quiz game. I divided students in to equally groups and had them work together to find the correct answer of the questions shown on the screen. To prevent the noisy class that might come during the competition, I distributed each group a set of A-C card to show their answer up in the air secretly. The group with the highest points would be the winner and received the snacks or candies from the teacher. And, for the 1st year students, some classes had studied with me last week, so I started the lesson by playing the short VDO about Thailand Culture and Heritage to review the last lesson and had the students play Bingo game about Thailand. By practicing like these my classes became lively and engaging because the wide range of activities served the students’ need and challenged them.

   The second topic was Thai cuisine. I presented the famous Thai dishes to the class and discuss about the similarity and difference between Thai and Korean food. Next the students rearranged the steps of cooking “Tom Yam Kung”. Then students worked in groups to write and draw a Korean recipe. Finally, each group presented their work to the class.

   On October 23rd in the afternoon UNESCO APCEIU (Ms. Park So Hyun) will visit us at school to observe my teaching class. I plan to deliver the lesson about Thai Festival: Loy Krathong; since the topic on festival is related to my individual project plan. And, by the end of this lesson students will be able to (1) learn about Loy Krathong festival, (2) make a Krathong (lotus-shaped vessel), and (3) traditionally dance along the Loy Krathong song.


   I’ll also continuously work on planning cultural lessons, preparing teaching materials and interesting activities to get students engaged in their learning.

School Activities

   The open-class (classroom observation) was held on October 16th. I had an opportunity to teach Korean students while their parents were in the class. I felt nervous and reminded myself to smile, speak slowly and thought of it as a normal class. Everything went quite well. My mentor teacher told me that the parents were satisfied with my teaching. It was great indeed.

     October 18th (08.10 – 08.40 a.m.) I had a gate duty. It was an excellent opportunity to meet students and establish a positive relationship with other Korean teachers.

   October 27th  school festival

   There will be the school festival on October 27th and I was assigned to prepare the activities for the “Thailand Corner” as a part of the school festival. I plan to have 3 different activities as the following;

1. Two Thai traditional games; Mon Son Pa (Hiding a cloth behind one’s back), Ree Ree Khaosan (Catching the last one in the line).

2. The exhibition and Quiz about Thailand

decorated in the theme of “Ngan Wat”, (Temple Fair).

3. Learning how to wear Thai traditional trousers “Jong Kra Ben”.

Individual Projects

I already gathered information about Korean traditional festivals from the trustworthy websites, and books. And I also constructed the interview questions related to the topic I have studied about. But, all the information needs to be analyzed and summarized respectively.

I will interview some students and teachers about the traditional Korean festival and analyze the information gained from the different resources. I plan to conclude all the information within this month.


Even if it is getting colder in Korea these days, I personally like the weather here, since the weather in Thailand is consistently hot all year round. To me, Korea is one of the great places to escape the heat in my home country and experience the colorful scenery of turning leaves. In addition, the people are also lovely and friendly. I find Korean people are very helpful.


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