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Name: Mrs. Panida Namsowan                                    School: Inhwa Girls’ Middle School

Country of Origin : Thailand                                       Submission Date : September 29th, 2017





Dates: September 18th~September 29th, 2017

Dates: October 2nd ~October 13th , 2017

Classroom Activities

     During September 18th – 27th I observed teaching and learning of different subjects and different levels of students (the 1st - 3rd year) arranged by my mentor teacher, Ms. Choi Soo Yeon. The students seemed excited and very curious why I was here, and they have given me such a great welcome. To what I have found from classroom observation is that Korean teachers and students are active and cooperate with each other very well. Most of students were paying attention to the lecture and actively participated in activities that their teacher provided. The classroom setting and atmosphere was positive and engaging. All classrooms are well- equipped with all the essential materials for teaching and learning.

     On September 19th I participated the support class which has only 3 students with special educational needs. We learnt how to do a hand drip coffee and delivered the coffee to the principle, the vice principle and other teachers.

     On September 21st I was asked to cover an English class of the 3rd year students. I introduced the general information of Thailand and my school in Thailand to students. My first time teaching went quite well. The students tried to respond every single thing I’d like them to do such as repeating some Useful Thai expressions, guessing the meaning of each color on Thailand national flag, answering the comprehension questions, and so on.

     I have planned and talked about teaching during the next three months with my mentor teacher, my co-teacher and my Thai teacher partner, Ms. Kittiya. As far as I have known, I’ll teach 15 periods a week including of 11 regular classes and 4 special classes (English conversation for teachers and students).

    I’ll work on planning cultural lessons, preparing teaching materials and my individual project plan.

School Activities

     Every Friday there is an activity to promote multicultural understanding by broadcasting a program about different cultures around the globe. Students write a short note reflecting their attitude toward that program. A teacher picks the best one and rewards that student.

     September 27th (08.10 – 08.55 a.m.) I had a gate duty in front of the school building. It was an excellent opportunity to meet students and establish a positive relationship with other Korean teachers.

     During September 28th – 29th it is mid-term examination. All teachers have to invigilate students taking an exam. There isn’t any classroom activity during this period.

   October 2nd – 6th Chuseok Thanksgiving

   October 9th Hangeul Day

              (Korean Language day)


     My mentor teacher said there will be a school field trip next month and she would like us to join and take this opportunity to share Thai culture for both teachers and students.



Individual Projects

     I had been discussing with my mentor and my co-teacher, Ms Eun ji, about possible project topic for a while, when a teacher came to our office and give us a “Songpyeon” or “Rice Cake”. They explained that Korean people would eat this sweet on upcoming Chuseok Festival. And we will also have 10 days holidays during that time. Undoubtedly, I already have the topic of my individual project. It is Korean traditional holidays/ festivals throughout a year. To get a deeper understanding of Korean culture through festivals, I will compare the similarities and differences of traditional festivals between Korea and Thailand as well.

I will gather information about Korean traditional holidays and festivals from many resources such as surfing the internet, studying Korean history and social-study books, interviewing.


I would like to express my sincerely gratitude to people who have involved in this exchange program, MOE Korea, MOE Thailand, APCEIU UNESCO, Inhwa Girls’Middle School, especially my mentor teacher, Ms. Choi Soo Yeon, etc. for giving me a great experience to learn Korean culture and to share my home country culture. The program truly promotes the international understanding and global citizenship.


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